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Seeing Yourself Through Your Child’s Eyes (Oktoberfest Edition)
September 28, 2013

My 2.75 year-old snapped a picture of me during the festivities. My God, is that what I look like to her?

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Mustache Monday: The Plustache
October 3, 2011

“Pin this little Plushtache to your lapel for easy twiddling during conversational lulls. Keep it in your pocket for all day comfort. Sleep with it under your pillow and dream of hirsute companions.

Plushtaches measure approximately 5 inches wide by 1 inch high by half and inch deep. Because each one is handmade with love, each Plushtache is slightly different from the others.”

Want a Plushtache of your own? Buy one HERE

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Mustache Monday: The “Highway Patrol” stache
September 27, 2011

Accessories are key to pulling off the “Highway Patrol” stache. You want to be sure to equip yourself with the following:
1. Highway patrol uniform
2. Ray Bans
3. Motorcycle
4. Condoms

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Mustache Monday: How to Look Like a Cowboy
January 10, 2011

After last week’s post, a lot of people have been email asking me if I can help them look like a cowboy.

Of course. Check out my instructional video above.

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Mustache Monday: Cowboy Mustache
January 3, 2011

Kicking off a new feature in 2011 with a song.

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