Official #30HrFamine Night 2012 Video
April 27, 2012

Here’s one of my latest projects.

For those of you who are rightfully skeptical about charities and what they show you, know that this video was made by someone you know personally. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.


The Riedels: Vol.2 Chap.9 “Daddy in Uganda”
October 2, 2011

I recently traveled to Uganda. This was my second trip to Africa but the first since Adalyn was born. As amazing as the Ugandan people and countryside are, my little family back home were always on my mind.

Andrea was nothing short of amazing with her commitment to upload videos and pictures of Adalyn. It made the great distance between me and my little family a little easier to bare.

Here’s a short video all about it.

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View from Uganda
August 30, 2011

We just got back from a shoot in Uganda to gather videos and photos to support the 30HF 2012 campaign creative. Some Canadian teenagers also joined us because they won the “Trip of a Lifetime” contest from last year’s 30HF campaign.

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